The CleanSaƒe® product range provides a unique cleaning solution to a wide range of optical products. It is a totally non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning solution for all Laptops, Notebooks, TFT, Plasma, Optical and Acoustic products as well as protecting agent. CleanSaƒe® can be applied by anyone on any of the following:

  • TFT, Plasma, CRT and all coated Screen surfaces
  • CD, CDRW and DVD surfaces – can even repair the surface if not deeply scratched
  • Copier glass, Cameras and Optical surfaces
  • Laser Printer optical surfaces
  • Motor Cycle Helmet Visors
  • Spectacles
Optical & Glass Cleaner
For use on all coated and non-coated optical surfaces including Photocopiers, scanners, spectacles, sun glasses, mirrors, and windows.
DVD & CD Cleaner
The special formula assists in preventing dirt from adhering to the CD surface. This means less cleaning which further reduces the risk of damaging CD’s and CD lenses
Laptop, Notebook, TFT, Plasma, LCD Screen Cleaner
For use on all coated and non-coated Laptop, Notebook TFT, Plasma and LCD Screens and Monitors Extensively tested. Users, laboratory and Industry tests have shown that Cleansafe® is a good and safe choice.

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